Friends of Restorative Justice of Washtenaw County

A Case for Restorative Justice Education Series

“A Conversation with Seema Gajwani” via Zoom April 7th, 2022. Ms. Gajwani is the Special Council for Juvenile Justice Reform and Chief of the Restorative Justice Section at the Washington, D.C. Office of the Attorney General. 
— Recording of the entire Webinar [01:23:46]
–Clip of section on Seema’s journey from restorative justice skeptic to enthusiast [00:15:23]
–Clip of section on using restorative justice in serious crimes [00:02:27]

The studies that Seema refers to in the 3rd clip are reported here: Strang, Heather, et al, “Restorative Justice Conferencing (RJC) Using Face-to-Face Meetings of Offenders and Victims: Effects on Offender Recidivism and Victim Satisfaction. A Systematic Review”, Campbell Systematic Reviews 2013:12,